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Aha Moment Monday

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My mom would be so happy to hear me say that I love golf.

She took up the sport in her fifties and excelled in, as she did in everything else to which she applied herself.

While she was here, I only played with her a couple of times a year as I was more into running and racquet sports.

The quick exercise fix was what worked then and all I saw about golf was all the time it consumed.

Now, I not only find time for golf games, I also find time for golf shopping, golf practice, watching golf on t.v. and I own a golf property in North Carolina.

So what’s changed?

I have the same 24 hours in a day that I had in earlier years.

The difference is that I now see the value in golf. It’s beyond mastering the sport (which if you play golf you know will never happen!)

The sport resonates with me. I love the integrity of the game, the people I meet and the required skill level. I’m always learning and pushing myself.

I enjoy even more that it’s played outside – midst some of nature’s most magnificent offerings – and while it’s an individual sport, you can also play as a team.

I choose to invest time in golf and I’m never disappointed. Even after a bad game I’m exhilarated.

Aha – “…it’s really about the personal feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness no matter what drives that.” Arlene Dickinson (in an interview with Canadian Health and Lifestyle.)

We have been raised to think about “work/life balance” but as Arlene also says, “Balance is an indicator of being equal.”.

I believe it’s less about trying to balance for balance sake and more about digging deep and finding out what drives you and what serves you.

When you pay attention to that you’re at your best and give your best.

You feel fulfilled and powerful.

It’s like feeding yourself healthy food. It resonates with your body’s needs and helps you operate at optimum.

Same goes for psychic feeding.

Hang with people who appreciate you and do your life’s work with all your heart.

Strive for fulfillment and satisfaction.

Okay mom, once again, you were right.

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