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Aha Moment Monday

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I reposted an article on LinkedIn earlier this week about cell phone use in meetings.

In this nationwide survey, they found that 84% think it’s inappropriate to write texts or emails during meetings.

The researchers found that the infractions were caused, in part, by people who surrender power of their time to the whims of others on their phone. I think the bottom line is about perceived value at that time.

While some people are better at listening and focusing than others, I maintain if something is really vital to you – at that time – you’re all in.

I presented a “Goal Achiever” program to a direct sales company last fall. I greeted many of the participants when the doors to the session opened and most people smiled and walked in to take their seats.

At the end of the session many were lined up to speak with me.

What changed?

It was the same ME as at the beginning of the session.

It was the shift in the perceived value of me.

Aha – you discover value through attention and focus

The reason we attend meetings, seminars, luncheons, functions, etc., is that we believe there is value in participating.

What happens, though is that we shift our attention away (to our thoughts or to our phones or hold a separate conversation with someone else in the room) to feed ourselves of what we think might be of greater immediate value. The problem is, when we shift, we risk the significant value of being in the moment.

You’re at optimum power when you operate in the moment. If at that moment, or moments, you are engaged in a meeting, playing with your kids, listening to a speaker, even driving, command your power and, for those moments, be ALL IN.

You’ll be amazed at what value presents itself.

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