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Aha Moment Monday

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I was thinking of dollar value looking at my credit card processing statement. They charge a rate per transaction, a fee per transaction, an assessment fee per transaction, a fee per day that you submit transactions, then let’s not forget the monthly fee for the privilege of being able to do the transactions. There are lots of little fees but do they add up to the value that makes credit card processing worth it? I guess the answer is yes.

It made me look at the value of other services.

Floyd Mayweather – a winning boxer – was the top earning athlete last year at $105 million USD

Robert Downey Jr. weighed in as the top earning actor with $75 million USD

Now consider this – an oncologist in the U.S. makes an average of $529 thousand in a year.

A chef makes about $60 thousand.

How fair does that sound?

What about parenting?

Aha – Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

– Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

I think parenting is one of the most significant roles an individual can endeavour to undertake – you’re in charge of building a life (!!) – but there’s no valuation on effective parenting (and besides, who would you invoice?? That means we’re risking our future if we minimize the significance of being a good parent.

If a parent were to itemize fees for every time they listened, every meal they prepared, every game to which they drove, every load of laundry they did, every aspect of encouragement, homework, planning, decorating, supporting – the list is endless – the price would be astronomical….if we counted it. What’s important to remember is that even though we don’t attach a monetary value to parenting, it counts …. A LOT.

Think of the last time your favourite athlete scored the winning goal, won the race or hit the homerun how you cheered.

The next time you see your parent, give them the same enthusiastic cheer.

(They’ll think you’re nuts but it’ll be worth it)

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