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Aha Moment Monday

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I was thinking about “purpose” the other day and how it, or lack of it, can affect people’s mental outlook. What I mean is that if someone is void of purpose or hasn’t discovered the reason why they are so special and vitally important to the planet, they’re less likely to feel a sense of demand for what they do – more importantly, who they are – or to be as focused, productive and ultimately fulfilled.

Here’s the typical life route we take.

In our childhood years we do much of our formal learning in school.

Then we graduate to take on more years of learning trades and skills.

We enter a work force

If we’re blessed with the ability, add to our family

Then when we’re deemed ‘done’ we retire and travel.

What if we inverted that path.

Say we spent our childhood to early adulthood learning in multiple ways that includes school but to a greater extent, travel, sport, spirituality, volunteerism, and yes some form of work. I’m thinking the focus would be more on self discovery and truly discovering purpose.

Aha – the value of feeling both important and deserving is a requirement in your personal driving force

My thought is that if we had a better handle on who we are – earlier – we could spend the rest of our lives developing that craft – purpose – and serving. (When learning is more relevant we readily absorb and apply it). There wouldn’t be such a panic towards choosing a trade (when we’re not ready) and retirement wouldn’t be something we’d slave towards. Taking the time to get to know ourselves and nurture our passion then invest our lives in giving it all we’ve got would mean we’d be spirited, successful and make wise mentors as we age.

What do you think?

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