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Aha Moment Monday

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So, how many times have you received requests to “like” a page only to find that you’re bombarded with specials and self-serving branding messages to follow?


Me, too.

And does that request to “like” help you to develop a stronger connection with the brand…. on a human level?

I’m no social media expert but I’m human so, like you, that makes me somewhat of an expert on what it feels like to be treated like a person. While the word “transparent” has been the recent operative one, I’m not entirely sure everyone is getting the point.

I love what Sarah Nagel (Sprout Social Inc. in Chicago) has to say: “One of the most effective ways to build a quality social audience is to treat each interaction with users like it’s human-to-human, not brand-to-customer.” OMG – human-to-human – it took a while but finally we’ve come full circle.

Seriously, Sarah is right on the money with this great suggestion: that individuals in your company serve as Ambassadors to connect to your audience in relevant groups. “A human face promoting the brand and engaging in relevant conversation is a great way to provide a glimpse into your brand while enabling the community to connect on a more intimate level.”

Aha – the organic basis of “social” media is to connect humans.

As humans we have such a strong desire to be with one-another to learn, share, and grow. We don’t want to be talked at or sold to, we want to develop as a result of our interaction with one another. Any kind of “social media” is a tremendous opportunity to do just that.

Sarah says, “Brands that sincerely wish to connect with their customers need to put themselves in their audience’s shoes and think about how to serve as a valuable resource.”

“….serve as a valuable resource”. That’s so worth reiterating.

Your company is w-a-y more than the products or services you offer because it operates with people.

Take a human approach and experience the depth of your connections grow.

It never was a numbers game.

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