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Aha Moment Monday

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Everything has an opposite.

There is no up without a down. There’s no black without a white. There’s no in without an out. It’s nature.

We, too, have opposites in our personality. It’s what keeps us balanced.

We exude strengths in different areas but have the opposing strength in existence and can draw on it at any time.

In fact, my business coach, Paul Fini, always says, “An overused strength becomes a weakness.”

(I’ll give you a second to think about that one … it’s so true!)

Sometimes those opposites in our personality can be our greatest attributes or create our biggest hurdles.

When my son was golfing competitively, sometimes the not-so-supportive side of his personality would arise after a bad shot and sabotage his next one. The cheerleading, “you can do it voice” was too quiet and the “you suck” voice was stronger. I used to suggest to my son that he humanize the voices; pretend that they each were little people sitting on his shoulders. Recognize them – don’t fight them. And when the negative person would chirp, reach over and simply flick him off your shoulder. Let him know you have a game to play and that his comments aren’t welcome. Listen, instead, to the cheerleader.

Aha – the opposing voices both belong to us which means we can choose to which we listen.

I recently had a bracelet engraved with “infinite potential” to remind me what I’m capable of. It’s a physical symbol with a powerful message that will help to keep the voice that challenges my desires, in check.

Opposites exist in us. It’s part of who we are.

What’s important to recognize is that our results are a reflection of our self-talk. Choose the good stuff.

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