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Aha Moment Monday

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I’ll try and tell the short version of a story in, “To sell is human” ~ Daniel H. Pink

He prefaces this story about radiologists suggesting their performance of assessing x-rays, CT scans and MRIs can diminish because of the aloneness of their work.

So a radiologist named Yehonatan Turner had an idea of how to inspire his fellow practitioners to perform their jobs with greater skill.

With patients’ permission, he took about 300 photographs of people coming in for computed tomography (CT) scans then he enlisted a group of radiologists, who didn’t know what he was studying, to assess the scans. You see in addition to the scans, the radiologists were also presented with a picture of the individual to whom the scan belonged!

Now get this, not only did the radiologists report feeling “more empathy” to the patients, they also picked up on “incidental findings” (stuff in addition to what they were looking for). This is where it really gets interesting. When the radiologists were presented with the same scans later but without the photographs (they didn’t realize they had already viewed these scans), 80% of the “incidental findings” were not reported.

Aha – make it personal!

I believe, in the bigger picture, each of us has a purpose, something only we can do, and that each of our individual purposes is about serving humanity.

But we get so busy “doing” that we lose sight of “being”. And “being” is oh so human!

Every action we perform is somehow related to improving a life or a lifestyle.

When we’re congruent to our authentic selves – serving humankind – we naturally feel better about our work and perform at a higher level.

What’s your “why” for doing what you’re doing?

I’ll be it involves someone special.

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