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Aha Moment Monday

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My son and I were in Ottawa last weekend. One of our tasks was to check out housing for when he goes back to university in the fall.

We stumbled on a heritage property in the midst of a major renovation.

We were incredibly taken with the choices the owner had made with regards to quality and finishing touches. Every square foot was a conversation piece.

We were even more taken with the contractor, Fernando, who was working in the house when we stopped by.

Turns out he was the dad of the woman who owned the building.

He warmly welcomed us to look around at the apartments he was creating within the building and with pride explained why things were being done the way they were. He shared that he would continue to be around for the renters and it would be his pleasure to fix, repair, restore or create whatever was required. When we had more questions that he couldn’t answer he willingly pulled out his cell phone and called his daughter on our behalf to ensure we were so very well looked after.

Don’t you love when someone gives you sincere attention?

Doesn’t it make you feel like you matter?

Aha – do what matters, oh, and by the way, it ALL matters

Here’s why.

When the motivation for serving at a high level is intrinsic, what you’re saying is not only that the person you’re serving matters, but that YOU matter. You are aware of the value YOU bring to the table and consequently – and sincerely – desire to bestow your best.

You always have a choice as to the level of energy you inject into any project, conversation, or circumstance. You choose the amount of care, depth and enthusiasm.

It’s always about you.

And you very much matter.

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