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Aha Moment Monday

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We had a rep comes to visit the other day. She showed up significantly late and all smiles and apologetic said, “I always get lost!” She shared that she went round and round our neighbourhood roundabout and had real difficulty getting back on track.

We asked her if she thought of investing in a GPS. She said she had that once and got lost a couple of times, she felt she was better off relying on her own mapping methods.


Some people admit they can’t navigate their way out of a paper bag and others are like human maps, intune to the sun’s position with a keen sense of direction.

Amazing that we possess different affinities when it comes to using common maps, even tapping into our own personal maps.

Here’s what I mean.

A common map offers options of getting from point A to point B – destination to destination – and your required skill is to navigate an established route. It’s ideal to ask for directions as there are direct pathways between points.

A personal map is about your life’s journey – personal destination to personal destination – and your required skill is not to follow an established route but to create your own. It’s impossible for anyone else to be truly qualified to give you directions. They’re on their own path.

Aha – your internal GPS will always keep you on course

When you’re quiet and listen to yourself, you can feel what the right direction is. Other people’s experiences and life paths are great teachings and will have influence. They’ll give you guidance, too. Ultimately you’re fueled by your internal purpose and passion and need to create your own walk.

Most importantly, there’s no such thing as getting lost on your personal path.

It’s all part of your unique journey.

Don’t you just love being human??

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