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Aha Moment Monday

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One of the most fascinating print methods is done using a lenticular lense.

When you view the image from different angles, different images are magnified. Lenticular printing is technology that can give an illusion of dept or can make images appear to move. When you tilt the page you see butterfly wings flap, people walk or slot machine scroll. It’s so cool!

The last few days there has been a discussion on facebook about hand guns. I think I was the only Canadian chiming in and naturally had a different opinion than some of my American friends, but it was like a lenticular lens was overlaid on the conversation. With each conversational input, an area of focus was given depth, only for another opinion to move the subject to appear differently.

Aha – to get the full picture, you need to tilt the page

We’re programmed with a built-in lenticular lens in that we have the ability to view anything from different angles. Our conditioning and perspective will limit our awareness and ability to do so clearly, so, by allowing others to offer their input, we win with a broader view, and appreciation, of any subject. At the end of the day we may still not agree with another’s opinion but we’ve grown by enertaining it.

When you’re faced with a big decision, don’t rally allies with similar opinions. They’ll only tell you what you want to know. Be colourful with who you invite to the discussion table and never be afraid to tilt the page.

Eyes wide open!

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