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Aha Moment Monday

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Have you noticed that most people are rockin’?

They might not even realize they are!

Let me explain.

Most people spend their thought energy on what happened in the past or what’s about to happen in the future.

They’re rockin’ …. back’n’forth.

Back into the past, revisiting events, decisions, encounters, experiences.

Then forward into the future, anticipating plans, travels, achievements, confrontations.

Back into the past.

Then forward into the future.

And it’s not a comforting rock. It actually creates a lot of anxiety

What have we got against the present?

We have this obsession about reviewing the past – like somehow doing so will change it – and projecting ourselves into the future, anxious to control every element.

Aha – the present is where the power is!

That’s the only part where you can truly engage!!

But being present requires not only that you focus (a lost art).

being present also requires acceptance and trust: acceptance for what happened in the past, and trust in the future.

Those elements create a peaceful power that only the moment can offer.

And after all, the present is all we really have, right?

As I always say, “Live from the heart. Be a best friend. Enjoy every moment.”

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