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Aha Moment Monday

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I enjoy my time in the kitchen. I think cooking is creative and fun and I love coming up with healthy combinations and making colourful dishes. I prefer fresh choices and making things myself. It was how my mom did it – she was masterful – so I guess I carried the torch.

Having said that, our home has always had a junk bin in the cupboard. Today it has chocolate almonds and granola bars but when my son was little it also had pudding cups and fruit rolls. Never were the contents of this bin referred to as treats or dessert, though. They were always labelled as “junk”.

It’s interesting what happens when you relabel something.

Labelling manufactured, food-like substances “junk” meant we exercised serious portion control. Let’s be honest. How much can you enjoy eating something called “junk”?

Attitude – perspective – shifts with the label.

As in this quote: “Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.”

Doesn’t that change the way you look at what happens when you seemingly don’t win?

We’re so conditioned to think that when we don’t win, we lose.

It’s the conditioning of our attitude that’s in the way of understanding what really happens in a loss.

Aha – setting your attitude on “growth” mode initiates a change in perspective

If it’s true that your attitude determines your altitude then it behooves you to label it in an empowering way. Are manufacturered, food-like substances worthy of reward? What else have you been conditioned to believe that requires revisiting?

When you set your attitude on “growth” mode you question labels on a very personal level.

Your own advancement – serving your purpose – requires that you feed yourself that which nourishes your spirit.

Whether it’s snacks, opinions, media, tools, equipment, whatever, don’t be afraid to label junk “junk”.

Just boo it.

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