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Aha Moment Monday

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Everyone has bad days.

You know – the days where things just don’t fall in place relative to your efforts.

And I chose those words carefully.

Sometimes things don’t fall in place relative to your expectations but that’s a little different. I’m referring to the days where you put in your best effort and things still don’t take shape. The ones where you think you’re giving it everything you’ve got and it seems the universe is conspiring against you.

Yesterday I played in a charity golf match and despite my best efforts, felt like I was in someone else’s body. I was giving every shot my best effort and yet the result was often less than stellar.

Ever happen to you?

This morning I attended a fundraising breakfast for Scouts Canada where Brian Price – 2012 Olympic Silver, Men’s Eight Coxswain – was the guest speaker. Brian said that you never fail unless you fail to try.

Aha – your performance doesn’t dictate who you are

There will be days when, for whatever reason, the pieces of the puzzle don’t fall in place. Realize it’s not the outcome, but the effort, that defines character. Getting back on the proverbial horse (or in my case, the golf cart) is important but more important is not to allow your identity to get wrapped up with results – good or bad.

Effort is always good.


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