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Aha Moment Monday

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I hear people use cliches all the time. I love them because they drive a point home in a way that everyone understands. Like if I said,”red”. You wouldn’t be thinking blue or green you’d know what I meant if I called something red.

Sometimes I have a chuckle over commonly accepted cliches. The funny part being that if we really listened to what’s being said, we might consider rephrasing. I’m thinking specifically about suggesting we’d give an “unbiased opinion”. It’s a commonly used phrase but is that even possible?

If we’re giving our opinion it’s based on our conditioning and seeing a situation through our mind’s eye, right? It can only be our opnion.

When we have an idea or a goal or aspiration we often go out to others seeking “unbiased opinions” to validate that we’re on the right track. But if an “unbiased opinion” really is a clear reflection of someone else trying to put themselves in our shoes, how does their opinion support us? I’m not suggesting it might not, just asking how. What is it we’re seeking when we ask for that insight? Validation of our personal goals?

Aha – take what works and discard the rest.


If someone offers – or if you ask for – an unbiased opinion, take the good stuff, the encouragement and knowledge that will be the wind beneath your wings, and let the rest go. Hold your vision and allow your dreams to develop into reality as only you can. Even the Universe will respond with bias … it’s always on your side 🙂

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