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Aha Moment Monday

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Sales managers are always looking for ways to motivate their team.

Everyone is motivated by something, the greatest of which is our need to feel valued. We want to know that our work matters and that we’re appreciated for it.

But work is about service and if we’re working “on purpose” then service is natural. The sales person who thrives on solving customer issues will excel.

The idea of service holds true for a manager as well.

It’s as Albert Einstein said: “The high density of the individual is to serve rather than to rule”.

Aha, it’s never about control and always about development.

If we take the premise that we’re serving our team – a definite paradigm shift – then we’re looking for ways to support them in their goals. If they have the desire to feel valued, and as managers we help them achieve that goal more often, they excel. When they win, we all win.

Take a natural step toward service and reap the rewards.

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