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Aha Moment Monday

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According to a 1999 survey by a team of psychologists at New York University and Ohio State University, they estimated that 95% of all behaviour is automatic.

Think about that for a minute.

It’s not that you do a few things routinely or even are on auto-pilot half the time.

At 95% automatic you’re practically a robot!

Now understand that as the highest form of creation on the planet you have a brain that would put any computer to shame.

In addition, you possess mental faculties – perception, will, reason, intuition, memory – that act as the operating system

Still, you seek routine

Aha – you’re comfy being comfy!

Here’s why.

Your brain is hardwired to create a pathway to completing a task and once that pathway is established you simply travel it over and over again.

You rarely question it.

(I think it’s part of the “Law of Least Effort”)

I’ll prove it.

When you put your pants on do you put your left leg or right leg in first? I’ll bet you have to think about that! It’s automatic.

What’s your routine for brushing your teeth or combing your hair? It’s probably equally as repetitive and unconscious.

Now take a look at the big stuff.

What’s your pattern for handling conflict, making investments, organizing your day, eating, learning, parenting?

Conditioned and unconscious?

Some routine is good. Once an effective pathway is established it makes sense to follow it.

Others, not so much.

Today, choose one routine that no longer serves you and create a new pathway.

It won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it.

Isn’t “free will” magnificent?

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