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Aha Moment Monday

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Does it sometimes appears like good luck bestows itself more on some people than others?

They say that luck is when preparedness meets opportunity so how can you create good luck?

Well, preparedness means laying foundation, gathering skills, assessing risks and most importantly, being ready to receive. There’s a difference between dreaming and expecting. If you’re expecting good luck then you’ll actually be planning for it.

As for opportunity, if you’re waiting for it to knock, you’ve subconsciously released yourself of your responsibility. Opportunity exists everywhere, all the time.

Your responsibility is to be consciously aware of all that is available to you and create that pathway so it can flow to you.

Aha – opportunity isn’t an event it’s a mindset

We’ve somehow been conditioned to think that opportunity presents itself in nice neat little packages and that when they arrive we’ll immediately recognize them. I believe that’s why there are so many missed opportunities and consequently not enough cashing in on potential good luck!

When you know where you want to be – have that clear mental picture – you’re in a perfect place to attract that which will support your vision. The trick, though, is to have the antennae up and be fully in tune with the infinite potential that will provide you with precisely what you need to bring that vision into form.

Opportunity is sometimes disguised as a loss, an accident, a detour, but that’s the Universe’s way of pointing you in the right direction. It’s all good!

Now … “Go and wake up your luck” ~ Persian proverb

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