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Aha Moment Monday

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They say that when you read a book for the second time and get something different from it, that it wasn’t because you saw something that wasn’t there before, but that you discovered something in yourself that didn’t exist before.

Think about it.

From the time you read the book the first time, until the second time, regardless of the amount of time that passed, you grew. You’re different. So your depth of perspective on the second pass was different. You became more aware.

It’s like the last time you went looking to buy a car. You zeroed in on a make and model and once your awareness was fixed on that style, you started noticing that model car all over the place! Did those cars exist before? Of course! But it wasn’t until your attention was focused that you became more aware of the cars around you.

Aha – your awareness is driven by your focused attention

So then you ask the next question: Is your attention objectively or subjectively focused? In other words are you letting outside influences direct your attention or are you controlling where you choose to focus?

In this age of connectivity you’re bombarded with thousands of messages a day by hundreds of people and providers. It’s incredibly easy to allow your focus to be distracted and get carried away. The thousands of messages can play havoc on your outlook and distract you from accomplishing your goals.

Awareness is like a light bulb going off. Sometimes it’s a little flicker and other times a flood. In each case the awareness happened as a result of where you focused your attention.

Try this today.

Pick a goal. Then several times during the day, even for a few seconds, bring your attention to your goal.

Do you think you’ll see something that didn’t exist before?

Let there be light!

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