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Aha Moment Monday

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I don’t think you receive enough recognition.

I’m in the recognition industry and here’s something I observe.

There’s a big build up to an annual celebration – a once-a-year event – to recognize contribution, sales, leadership, an anniversary, perhaps. A couple of hours set aside to toast grand accomplishments and award individuals responsible. Everyone cheers on one another for an evening and then what?

Imagine that your loved one only gave you a hug once a year. A BIG hug, mind you, but could any hug be big enough to last for an entire year?

Don’t get me wrong I think annual bench marking and applauding is stellar and necessary.

My observation, though, is that the “grand accomplishments” are a result of thousands of hours of strategic thought, collaborative planning and consistent execution yet the big high-five only happens once a year.

Aha – “Motivation is like taking a shower. You need to do it every day” Zig Ziglar

While Zig was referring to personal development, I’m seeing a connection. How much more motivated are we when we’re appreciated for our efforts and accomplishments?

Did you notice that during a hockey game, when a goal is scored, the play is stopped and everyone celebrates? Is that motivation to get the next goal or what?

The moral of the story is that we operate with more motivation and enthusiasm when we’re recognized so why not do it more often? And hey, who says recognition has to come from an outside source? Pride is a brilliant motivator.

Today take the lead as head cheerleader.

Celebrate taking a meaningful next step…on purpose.

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