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Aha Moment Monday

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Is there such a thing as having partners in competition?

When we’re operating in a competitive mindset there are two factors that are apparent

1) Someone has to win and someone has to lose

2) There is a limited supply

In “The Science of Success”, the author James A. Ray says, “One of the most striking facts that my research revealed is that truly successful people never compete.”

The reason, he says, is because when you compete you limit both your creativity and your perception of what’s actually available. In James’ words, “Whenever we let our thoughts drift to comparing ourselves with others, we are doomed to create nothing more than those people’s best efforts.”

Aha – the real competition you will ever have is with yourself!

It’s liberating to think in terms of being a creator as opposed to limiting yourself to competition.

And if it’s true that what we think about we create, then it’s natural for us to draw harmonious partners to help us build our vision and purpose.

If you have a genuine interest in others and a real desire for their success you’ll naturally draw good into your own world. The more you help others the more you attract that same energy to you.

Want to build powerful partnerships?

Be generous in spirit.

It’s the goodness you bring to yourself and ultimately to the world.

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