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Aha Moment Monday

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When was the last time you asked for what you wanted?

I mean not just thought about what would be nice but specifically asked.

Asked for the business from a potential client with whom you’d really like to engage.

Asked a friend for a referral.

Asked your kid to take out the garbage … regularly.

It sounds so basic you’re probably saying to yourself, “of course I ask!”

But seriously so few of us actually do.


Aha – Fear

In “Don’t worry. Make money” author Richard Carlson, Ph. D. says fear is the #1 reason we truly don’t ask for what we want.

Fear of a negative response.

Fear of rejection

Fear of offending someone

So many fears…so little time.

How does Dr. Carlson suggest you overcome the fear and ask for what you want?

“Be sincere in your belief that, deep down, others want to help you.”

You want to help others right??

Well…guess what?? They feel the same about you!!!

(Don’t you just love a second aha??)

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