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Aha Moment Monday

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Richard Simmons used to have a diet program called “deal a meal”.

Essentially all of what you were allowed to eat in a day was represented on cards.

Each time you ate something you played the respective card.

When you were out of cards you were all done eating for that day.

It represented a finite amount of allowable food.

But “finite” doesn’t make sense to me when it comes to pie.

I mean the proverbial pie.

You’ll see people running their businesses as though the universe is on a diet.

That there’s only so much pie to go around so we all need to compete for it.

Aha – a competitive mind thinks “finite”. A creative mind thinks “infinite”.

If you can’t get a big enough piece of the pie then create your own pie!

Competition can be stressful. It means someone wins and someone loses.

Being creative means winning in a new way.

Create your own pie.

You’ll never again be satisfied with just a slice.

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