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Aha Moment Monday

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Have you thought about what you’re carrying around?

We carry baggage, carry a mortgage, carry a friend, carry a balance, carry some extra weight, carry a torch and might even carry some guilt.

With all that carrying, are we weighed down?

Aha – the weight of anything will feel directly proportionate to how long we’ve been carrying it.

Think about it.

If we’re picking up two ten pound weights to do bicep curls, the weights will surely add some load to the exercise.

During the second set the weights might feel a little heavier.

During the final set they’ll feel like boulders!

The good news is that you get to put them down.

What does emotional weight feel like after time?

I can’t help but think it, too, feels heavier.

Let’s make this the year that we look at what we’re carrying – what’s serving us and what’s not – and put some of it down.

Ahhhhhhhh, that feels good.

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