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Aha Moment Monday

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Have you ever watched an olympic gymnast or pro golfer or world class ski jumper and thought, “Man, they make it look so easy!”

Reality is, that’s thousands of hours of practice into their sport. They’re so brilliant and well trained that they make a move that so difficult look so easy. They’ve invest time and commitment to their craft and the result looks effortless but that’s hardly the case.

Now think of the busines world – someone you know – perhaps a speaker, an accountant or administrator who makes their work look easy.

Aha, it’s a sign of a professional. Someone who has invested hours into developing their skills, so much so that they make difficult and complex tasks appear easy.

When projects flow and things just come together, it’s an indication of a great team of accomplished individuals.

When you experience flawless service from a company, it’s intentional.

The moral to the story is that when it looks easy, look again, with appreciation.

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