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Aha Moment Monday

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While my son was in middle school I attended a presentation at the high school.

The presenter was a teacher of teachers and shared with the parents the teaching style of the future.

He said that in this age of information availability, “facilitators” will go by the way of the dinosaurs.

The reason being that with the click of a mouse we can access whatever information we need!

We don’t need someone to simply read from a text book or power point slides.

But I’m not sure all teachers got the memo.

In fact my friend Stacey has been on a work-related course all week and the unfortunate victim of boring facilitators.

Remember that teacher growing up that actually inspired you to learn and experience?

You walked away from their class feeling like something changed in you?

Aha. “Teaching is not the filling of the pail but the lighting of the fire.”

It’s certainly my sentiment but William Butler Yeats’ words.

Why do I mention this?

I believe teachers can be change-agents.

I also believe we are all teachers.

We teach with our knowledge. We inspire with our passion.

The next time you’re asked to present, do so willingly.

And consider less the content and more the enthusiasm for what you’re sharing.

YOU bring the brilliance to the room.

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