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Aha! Moment Monday

Have you had a “mid-life crisis”?

If you have, then this will likely resonate. If you haven’t, you’ll get an empowering glance into what may be your future.

“Mid-life crisis” usually happens when you’re somewhat half-way through your expected lifetime. It’s a time when you look around, take a serious pulse, and ask yourself, “Is this it?”

Sometimes it’s a startling realization that the enthusiastic change-the-world attitude you confidently owned in your twenties got tempered with the need to fulfill career, family and friend obligations. At some point, “adulting” (my son invented the verb extension) kicks in and you get swept away on the flight of responsibility that carries you … well … wherever it does. And you hold on tight catching glimpses of life as it whizzes by.

The often pivotal point about midlife crisis is that it is the time when we come to realize we can bring that plane in for a landing for a day, a week, perhaps a year, to rekindle our passion for life and get back on purpose. The time becomes pivotal and we make new decisions for what the second half ought to be.

Here’s a question: Why do we wait so long for a crisis to kick in and finally decide to live an abundant life? What would happen if we gave ourselves some grounded time more often?

Aha! ~ “The bad news is time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot” ~ Michael Altshuler, motivational speaker, peak performance coach

It is enormous responsibility to take charge of yourself and even more responsibility to do it on a month-by-month, day-by-day, or best, decision-by-decision basis.

But by living on purpose – or even committing to being an eternal life student in pursuit of serving at your highest – you choose differently the clubs you join, the sessions you attend, the people you invite in to your circle, and where you invest your precious time. It’s simply because every decision is fueled by your purpose and the need for congruency with whom you are and where you’re going. It’s like adulting with an internal GPS.

Pilot to co-pilot, we’re ready for take-off.


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