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CHALLENGE #13: As a real estate agent, what’s the best way to stay in touch with my clients?

SOLUTION: First of all remember that “sales” is about building relationships.

The bigger the price tag the more “trust” needs to be part of the relationship.  Paving that path to get people to list or buy with you is work.  But consider this:  the relationship starts (not ends!!) once the first transaction is complete.  This is when you’ve acquired trust and proven yourself.

There are a zillion ways to communicate with your clients and we can help you set up a program both on-line and off-line.

Building a relationship isn’t about you talking at them it’s about engaging with them.  If you send your clients something to celebrate their one year anniversary in their home, it opens an opportunity to talk about their decision and how their lives are changing.  This is NOT a sales call!  Your job is to keep pace with them to continue to build trust and loyalty so that even though they may not be ready to move for some time, you’ll be top of mind when the referral opportunity presents itself.

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