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Assume and Receive

Have you ever had something happen out of the blue?

You were just thinking of someone then they telephoned. You realized your bank account was getting slim then an unexpected piece of business landed and filled the void. You’re booking a trip and there just happens to be a flight sale on.
Sound familiar? Did those things really happen out of the blue, though?

In my upcoming book – 50 Simple Ways to Release the Shackles of Self-Sabotage – I reveal that I set many intentions during the day visualizing everything from the outcome of an upcoming conversation, the string of green lights I need to get me somewhere quickly to the parking spot availing itself at the exact moment I pull into the lot. I’ve manifested finding someone I hadn’t seen in 2 years in a crowd of 14,000 people, the exact dress I want to be on sale when I walk into the store, to finding the perfect contractor to perform work. While I always have lifestyle goals, I set many small intentions throughout the day to align things as I need them to.

My friend, Gina, shared that she’s practicing working on assumptions. We consulted Neville Goddard on his principle of the Law of Assumption to compare notes – intentions vs. assumptions – and sharpen our manifesting skills.

Goddard teaches that the way to create anything you desire is simply to assume the feeling of the wish desired. The reason is that nothing exists outside of your consciousness.

(I’ll pause and let that sink in……and now the Aha!)

Aha! ~ Assume the desire and bring it into form.

Here’s the truth: you are a walking electromagnetic field, a transmitter and receiver of information, and every minute of every day, influencing the outcomes of your life.

One problem is that likely you have not been taught that. More likely is that every mentor from infancy instilled that you are, to some degree, powerless and so you believe that things “happen” to you and that someone or something else is in control. When you become aware of your capabilities, you begin to take responsibility for your feelings – your vibrations – and set out every day with the purpose of fulfilling your soul’s desires.

A second problem, as Goddard points out, is that many don’t stay with an assumption – fully and emotionally living the goal – long enough for it to materialize.

It can’t help but materialize. That’s how the Law of Vibration works.

What if, just for today, you parked the stories about Murphy’s Law, being “lucky” (or unlucky), or in some way living as a victim of circumstance? And what if you allowed your actions to be driven by the assumption that you were 100% on track with achieving your vision – that you already own it – regardless of any physical evidence?

Does it sound scary that you might just achieve that desire?

I’ve never been a fan of the word, “assume” (ass-u-me) but am absolutely coming around to how it fits in this context. The discussion continues on YouTube entitled, Assume and Receive.

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