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Aha! Moment Monday

How often do you press the “reorder” button without giving it a thought?

We openly admit we’re creatures of habit like it’s a bad thing but thank goodness for memories and systems!  However sometimes there is good reason to pause before we mindlessly skim past the terms and head straight to the check out (or as we used to say, “Sign on the dotted line”.)

Typically we reserve that evaluation process when a project or purchase is new OR if something goes awry with our current provider.  Anything out of habit makes us pay attention; otherwise we’re happy to simply repeat our purchase or support a brand or provider because it’s easier to do the same thing we’ve always done.

Here’s my question: does habit equate with loyalty?  In other words if you routinely support the same brands and people, have they simply made it easy or have you built a level of trust?

Aha! ~ Trust is built on consistent behaviour

You trust that your expectations will be met, that the delivery and quality will be as promised during the sales process and that if something goes wrong (and it will) that you’re looked after.  Perhaps one hiccup you can forgive, two if you really like the brand, but if your loyalty is tested with inconsistencies, trust is eroded.

Same goes for people.

Tasha Rube, LMSW writes, “Imagine your friend loans you a book and you spill coffee on it. You could say that you lost the book. Or, you could try to find another copy and pretend nothing happened. But it is important to tell your friend what really happened. A damaged book may not be a big deal, but the risk of the truth emerging (or the risk of your friend perceiving the lie) will fracture trust.”

You can build trust in any relationship with honesty, integrity, and transparency however minding your promises or commitments or being open just some of the time can breed doubt.  By telling the truth, admitting errors, being accountable and operating with a level of transparency that deepens understanding and fosters growth, you will build trust … but ONLY when you’re consistent.

One thing’s for sure:  you can’t trust atoms.  They make up everything!


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