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August 17th

Aha!  Moment Monday


Does the workday seem longer to you?

The good news about working remotely is that you can access your system and tools at anytime.

The bad news about working remotely is that you can access your system and tools at anytime.

There is no question that working remotely has its benefits. I have done it for years and am very disciplined in getting “ready” for my day, every day, but from time to time have experienced the downside that researchers are now, very much bringing to light: burnout.

In a “neuroleadership” blog, writer Chris Weller identifies, “Organizations around the world are figuring out how to leverage this moment to build a better normal.”

With more people working remotely we’re discovering that technology enables us to not depend on the team being in the same physical space to get the work done. However, with many distractions that come from working at home, leaders may be overtaxing their people at a time when they need them to dive in the most. Monday to Friday can feel like one long day.

How do we be productive, enthusiastic and engaged when we have lost focused and feel drained?

Aha! ~ Work less – live more

Weller explains, “Just as a sponge can only soak up so much water, and a computer can only process so much information, our brains have finite holding power. After a certain point, we all need to stop working, rest, and recharge.” A great case for the four-day work week?

Just because you have access to the internet doesn’t mean you need to access it.  And as we reintegrate, being flexible with our work solutions doesn’t mean being on call all hours. We are far more productive when we are rested and happy which means setting a timer on projects and meetings and when the timer goes off, doing something fun to refresh and revitalize.

This year my operative word is “possibilities” and I’ve proven to myself (more times than I’d like to admit) that ideas and the energy needed to bring those ideas to life don’t come from grinding, they come from stepping away.

What if we recharged ourselves as often as we do our phones?

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