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August 24th

Aha!  Moment Monday


My business insurance is up for renewal, so my agent asked me to review the paperwork from last year and submit my expectations for what we see ourselves accomplishing this year. What they are looking for is an outline of our business model, forecast and in which jurisdictions we are playing so they can insure us accordingly.

My bank manager asked similar questions about our intentions and expectations in order to ensure we have adequate banking products in place.

In a call this morning, I shared with my coach that part of my strategy in creating a powerful future was to allow the Universe to participate in guiding me as to where we can best serve. Neither the insurance company nor the bank buy that strategy, though, they want something more concrete.

Here’s the problem with that: Some industries that, at the beginning of this year were poised to make record gains, are scrambling just to stay alive. Other industries that were quiet in Q1 are going gangbusters. Like you, and many other business leaders in my network, the shift we are experiencing has awakened us to know that doing what we did yesterday isn’t necessarily what will work tomorrow.

How do we continue to stay relevant, respond to change and plan for success?

Aha! ~ Keep going!

Newton’s First Law says that an object in motion stays in motion.

You cannot make gains by sitting on the fence. There is no “wait-and-see” approach. There is only forward or backward. It is the law.  “Motion is created by the destruction of balance.”  ~ Leonardo DaVinci

When you are in motion you are current, and when you stay alert while in motion you have the ability to observe change, to understand exactly where you are needed and most importantly, to grow by helping others do the same. Your acceleration factor may change a little from day and you will find yourself channeling energy in different directions but by simply staying in motion you are creating an energy exchange that will undeniably fuel your momentum.

It’s better to burn out than fade away.

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