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Being awesome comes with being aware.

Aha Moment Monday

There was a wonderful cartoon posted by golf coach Carrie Vaughan.
The cartoon showed a child expressing to his mom his reluctance in wishing to practice the violin saying, “I don’t want to practice!  I just want to skip ahead to the part where I’m awesome!”
Don’t we all??

When my son was a junior golfer, I walked the course one day during a tournament where he wasn’t playing particularly well.
In fact he wanted to withdraw.
I said, “You can withdraw if you’d like – it’s your tournament and your choice – but I think if you push through, you’ll learn a lot more than you would on a day you’re playing well.”
He pushed through and played the balance of the tournament extremely well.
It was what he learned about himself and his capabilities that contributed to him being an AWESOME golfer.

Aha  – skipping the process robs you of the lessons

When you can feel the greatness inside and the music wanting to come out, the exhausting effort that AWESOME takes can sometimes be stifling.
But it’s the grind – the experience – that is the teacher.
In fact, I think AWESOME looks something like this:

Awareness – being fully present and aware of potential and circumstances and the choices you have around them.
Will – your internal driver, the GPS that keeps you on course.
Energy – consistent, persistent and focused energy has a cumulative effect.
Specific – there’s a saying, “Practice makes perfect” but good coaches remind you to “practice perfectly”.  Repetition is essential to create habits.  Be specific with what you’re repeating
Own – visualizing yourself already in possession of that goal puts you in the vibration of that goal.  Seeing is believing.
Mentor – “You have to do it by yourself but not alone.”  Find someone who has achieved your goal and study with them.  A good coach or mentor will inspire your personal greatness
Excited  – Those big goals that will take enormous effort can be scary and exciting but if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be worth your effort.

We’re all born with greatness inside of us but AWESOME comes with focused experience.
It really is all about the journey.


Succeed deliberately!

Jae M. Rang, MAS

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