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Aha Moment Monday

If your office or favourite shop is in a L.E.E.D building, you’ll experience concepts and practices that are environmentally friendly.
L.E.E.D. stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a green building rating system that provides guidelines to build high-performance, sustainable buildings.

LED lights  (light-emitting diode) replace incandescent lighting, for instance, and – my favourite – the absence of light switches altogether.

Have you walked into a building – like a washroom or hallway – when the light goes on automatically?  Brilliant!!  No searching for the switch.  You walk in and BINGO, light becomes present.

I’m wondering how this concept can be adopted on a human level.
Here’s what I mean.
Some people exhaust themselves delivering energy to things like freeway commutes, work that isn’t there’s, worry, idle conversation, appeasing or defending their actions or point of view – the list is endless – that when it comes time for them to rise and shine, that burst of focused energy just isn’t there.

Aha – Expend your energy wisely so you can spotlight on what counts.

If you’re exhausted at the end of the day (week? month?) and haven’t accomplished what you set out to, perhaps it’s time for an energy audit.

Tracking your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and outcomes, ideally in 15-minute increments, can yield some eye-popping results as to where your energy leaks exist.
Plugging those holes happens when you stop to observe your behaviours then circle back to the beliefs that drive them.
You might be asking yourself some tough “why” questions before you can change an energy-zapping habit but it’s worth it.
Awareness is your true power.

And now, for your light bulb joke:
Q: How many board meetings does it take to get a light bulb changed?
A: This topic was resumed from last week’s discussion, but is incomplete pending resolution of some action items. It will be continued next week. Meanwhile…
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