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Aha!  Moment Monday

Are you ready for a bit of a pivot? Well, today just might be your favourite day!

I’ll preface by saying that you know Aha! Moment Mondays are always about shifts – shifting perspectives, shifting attitudes, shifting behaviour – gentle nudges to inspire you to embrace life in a way in which is evermore honouring to the full expansive and expression of your spirit. Todays’ Aha! might be a bit more of a jolt!

Yes, today is the 21st of December, the winter solstice, and when we begin a new season. However, from an astrological standpoint, it has great significance. Stay with me here and I’ll share why. Even if you’re not a stargazer, you may be able to tap into some cool energy.

The basis:

  • This is the day of the Great Conjunction, when Jupiter and Saturn align, which only happens about every 200 years, (and at this time, specifically at zero degrees which is kind of a big deal because “zero” is symbolic for “infinite possibilities”).
  • This day ends an 800-year “great cycle”. (Holy cow, right?)
  • We are currently in full transition from one “age” to another which happens every 2160 years. Today we begin to move into the Age of Aquarius (remember that song by the Fifth Dimension back in the 80’s?)
  • The planet completes a transition into a new realm in the solar system allowing higher frequencies of light to beam in, dividing itself into two, more distinct, cells of energy.

So … what does that all mean?

  • Well, remember reading about the industrial revolution in 1802? That’s when our last cycle began. Then we were in an “earth age” where ambition was the focus: big governments, big business, big pools of material wealth and building big tangible plans for the future. Saturn in Aquarius promotes the balance between the material and the spiritual AND Aquarius is an “air sign”. We begin to shift our focus to the collective; community-based – not a few win but we all win – approach, with enhanced humanitarian efforts and using technology to better serve humankind.
  • And the divide? That’s these higher frequencies of light beaming on our planet. I know, sounds a little out there but just know that this opening of energy also delivers newer lows which makes the divide more extreme (Facebook disagreements, anyone?)

In order to honour our values of truth, freedom and community, do we need to go against the grain? How do we tap into this new space of growth and opportunity?

Aha! ~ Simply choose good vibes only.

You see, a low level of vibration may include feelings of competition, lack, fear, judgement, disconnect, control, deceit, reliance, or protection. That’s the ego. The ego thrives on negativity.

A high level of vibration is about acceptance (yourself and others, flaws and all), trust, inclusiveness, love, fair play, and is a pure knowing of infinite and all things possible. The spirit loves when we are full of joy (all of what this season is about)!

But since we are connected with all other things, we can’t help but feel the jolts brought on by Aquarius to suddenly want to seek reform and fair play.

Joseph Anthony, Planets Within advises, “We are at our best when we have freedom of choice, when we break a few rules, and when we think outside the box. We are ready to expand our minds, tolerance and sense of fairness.”

So, what can we do with today? “It’s a good day to get clear on what you wish to focus on, to connect with your own spirituality, and to get super clear on your heart-focused intensions.” Tanaas, Forever Conscious

I can’t see vibes but I know what good ones feel like. What feels good for me is to connect with you as well as myself, to spend some time in nature, in gratitude, and to visualize what it looks like to “Be the change…”, as Gandhi put it.

How are you investing this day?

Succeed Deliberately!



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