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Being the Best of the Best

Aha Moment Monday

If you were to follow in the footsteps of the best in your industry, who would that be?

Would it be the largest organization in terms of employees?
Does your definition include number of offices or multi-country presence?
Is it the one with the greatest sales volume or the trendiest products?
Is the most profitable player?

If you wanted to be the “best” in your industry, what would “best” look like?

In an interview I listened to this morning featuring a CEO of a North American organization, he defined the” best” in his industry by the ones who aren’t afraid.
He elaborated that when someone isn’t afraid – they’re willing to invest in themselves, innovate, collaborate (even with competitors), build from their core competencies, and look for new ways to serve their clients – they’re sustainable.

Aha – sustained success is value-based

You see all of what this CEO described in his term of “best” isn’t always quantifiable. Their companies are built, and their industry respect derived, from their values.

When you dare to wear your values – even your vulnerability – like a badge of uniqueness, and then stay open to possibilities, your company continually morphs into its very own version of “best”.

Competing means that one day you win, then the next day someone else wins.
Creating means you own your own space and ultimately your destiny.

Boldly go where no brand has gone before.

Succeed deliberately!

Jae M. Rang, MAS

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