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Believe with a Capital “B”

Aha!  Moment Monday

Do you find the concept of “infinite” mind-bending?

The star in our JAE logo stands for “infinite potential” and was inspired by many years of me, as a child, staring at the night sky.  The concept of infinite is so fascinating.

Studying to be a parent (yes, I read lots on child development to learn we’re ridiculously predictive beings), one thing shared is that kids like boundaries.  They push them because they’re supposed to, because knowing where the boundaries are gives them a sense of security and that’s a good thing.

So, in comes the concept of infinite, and knowing that we prefer to know where lays the end, infinite can be a scary topic.   We don’t know how to teach infinite nor know how to entertain infinite.  We set up goals and forecasts with defined behaviours and anticipated responses – based on what we know – to safely get us to where we think we can go.

In all fairness, “You can count the seeds in an apple but you have no idea how many apples will come from the seeds” ~ Bob Proctor, Author: You Were Born Rich.  And if you’re into apple farming or sauce-making, you’d probably put some historic calculations to work to anticipate the number of apples, but there are times when capping our predictions and trying to control outcomes is actually stifling.

So, how do we deal with what we don’t know … or more that which we don’t know we don’t know?  Are we being fair to ourselves by allowing our current beliefs and past experiences to limit our thinking about what life should look like?

Aha! ~  Believe. Trust. Move. Repeat

Linda Proctor – global network-marketing mentor – says that, “It’s our paradigms that get in the way of us allowing ourselves to even explore our potential in a new territory.”

In other words even when we know it to be true – that our potential is far greater than we fathom – we allow our limited awareness and belief in ourselves to stop us from even entertaining trying something different!!!  How fair is it that we keep doing what we know and getting, to some degree what we’ve always gotten, when we absolutely, positively know there’s more we can have…..simply by sometimes saying, “YES!”

Believe in your capabilities.  Trust in yourself.  Get into new action.  Make it your habit.

Live life unlimited.

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