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Aha! Moment Monday

What qualities do you most admire in people you adore working with?

Is it their skill of seeing the bigger picture, or perhaps they’re very consistent with their behaviour? Is it their magnetic enthusiasm and clear communication skills that draws people to them or is it their ability to leap hurdles in a single bound?

Are they good listeners?  Do they have a positive outlook and forward-thinking behaviour?  Do they respond when you reach out? Do they deliver on promised timelines?  Does their quality of work exceed your expectations?  We are not only more productive but feel more valued when we work with people who bring out the best in us.

Have you ever sent an email request to someone and received no response?

Were you ever in the middle of an important story for the person with whom you’re sharing to look past you and engage with someone seemingly more important?

Did you step out of your comfort zone and muster the courage to blurt an, albeit radical, idea to have it immediately discounted?

When did you last experience the dramatic conversation of a negative past influencing the present?

Have you ever waited on someone to deliver on a crucial deadline to find your follow-up email was initiated with an out-of-office message?

Aha! ~ Be the one you most admire

A speaker at an event I recently attended asked the question, “By show of hands, who in this room believes racism is a problem in our community?”  Of the 250 people or so in the room, most of the hands went up.  Then he asked the question, “Who in the room is racist?”  No hands went up.

The qualities we recognize in others are ones that, to some degree, we own ourselves.  True to the saying, “It takes one to know one”, it’s our level of awareness that allows us to see in others what we possess ourselves.

Those qualities are directly connected to our values.  What’s important to us will be characteristic, not in our words, but in our actions (believe what I do, not what I say).  Yes, we’re all a work-in-progress and no, we’re never 100% true to our intentions, but like a snowflake, we each have our individual pattern.

I’ve recently connected with a group of people from around the world who are motivated, positive, proud, healthy, forward thinking and respectful.  I left our two-day event feeling like I was walking on a cloud – supported, grateful, connected – and at home.  I expect we’ll accomplish great things together.

Which of your stellar qualities do you most admire?

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