A Human Approach

Aha! Moment Jorunal

What may at first seem like the smallest of realizations can become our greatest awakening and catalyst for change. Daily Aha Moments realign you with your purpose, and prompt you to get back to A Human Approach in everything you do.


Do old habits have you locked out of new ways of getting results? When people ask what industry I’m in and I usually say “communications”. They typically ask what kind and I say, “We use promotional products as communication vehicles to inspire results on purpose.” Often confused and trying to connect the dots, they usually …

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We just returned from the Canadian Junior Golf Championships in Surrey, B.C. www.golfcanada.ca What an incredible experience seeing these talented youth. The RCGA and host course, Morgan Creek, treated the juniors with such respect as did the players in return. What a professional event. Naturally I paid close attention to the kids opening their ‘swag …

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“No Problem!”What happened to “You’re welcome”, “My pleasure”, or “Anytime”?From a business perspective, aren’t we thrilled when a customer or consumer has given us the opportunity to serve them? So much so that we would want to complete the give-receive equation with an appropriate response? If so, how did we land on “No problem”?At the …

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Panic? or Profit?

Communication is a wacky thing. At times when you think you’ve been unbelievably clear about what you need – like asking your kid to take out the garbage – when you see the bins in the bathrooms still full you scratch your head and wonder why. Did they forget? Did they not realize today was …

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