A Human Approach

Aha! Moments Journal

Jae has gathered together some of the most POWERFUL and POPULAR “Aha Moments” of the past years into a single volume that’s practically guaranteed to bring you one breakthrough after another. And then she’s added a new feature that MULTIPLIES their effect.

Each of these anecdotes in the Aha! Moment Journal is followed by a thought-provoking “prompt” question (related to the story you’ve just read) on a dedicated journal page where you can record – BY HAND – your response. This is far more powerful than you might expect!



Jae's first book: SENSORY MEDIA, Discover the Way to Anchor Your Brand and Be Memorable, hit the Amazon best-seller list the day it launched.

What is "Sensory Media"?

It is the only form of media that has the ability to connect with all five of the human senses and is by far one of the most human approaches to building quality relationships.

Promotional products, when used strategically, have staying power; in fact, branded merchandise can yield hundreds, if not thousands, of impressions. Jae has taken this concept of promotional marketing one step further and has studied why these products affect people so much. She teaches these principles in her book Sensory Media.

50 Simple Ways to Increase Brand Visibility

Need a quick, catalytic idea generator for your next marketing campaign?

Before boosting another Facebook post, feed your imagination with this go-to guide and get beyond what you thought was possible. Loaded with actionable ideas with proven KPIs to match, this book belongs on every marketers desk.

50 simple ways to increase brand visibility book cover