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Bunnies and Business

Aha! Moment Monday

There are a plethora of strategies to effectively market but sometimes getting back to basics is the answer.  Here are a few basics I found while researching to make this year ultra-effective.

  • The louder you are, the less you’re heard. Know when to stand up and be heard.
  • Diversity means creative, new solutions. Be open to new faces and voices.
  • Know where to go for business. Identify your ideal market then give it all you’ve got.
  • Get up close and personal with your client. Be it figuratively – understanding their needs and goals – or literally – making great lunch company, show up interested.
  • Plan for growth. When you’re consumed with current business you may not be thinking about getting ready for the next round. Be ready.
  • Ask for the business. Whether it’s an online sales funnel or a question like “What would it take to make this happen?” be willing to ask for what you want.

Aha! ~ We can learn a lot from bunnies.

In celebration of Easter – and the North American tradition of sharing chocolate bunnies – the qualities outlined here are actually qualities of real bunnies that, as you can see translate well when it comes to an organic strategy of getting what you want.

  • Bunnies are quiet but when the time is right they’ll stand up to get that call to action.
  • Bunnies make good friends with your other pets
  • Bunnies can be litter-box trained so you always know where they go to do their business.
  • While bunnies don’t like to be picked up they’ll happily sit on your lap or the floor beside you.
  • Because bunnies can get pregnant right after delivering their litter, they can multiply frequently.
  • Bunnies have no issues asking for attention.

Drawing from the wisdom of nature will never let you down.

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