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Aha! Moment Monday

I remember when I was younger the roles between men and women were more defined.

While both my parents were competent at many shared skills, I remember my dad did more of the “hunting” and my mom, the “nesting”. Both were protectors of themselves, each other and the family unit in their own way, and over the years, both continued to educate and stretch their minds, skills, and capabilities to provide for each other and the family in whatever capacity was needed.

That wasn’t the same for all families. I remember knowing many women who had no concept of managing household finances or how to operate a lawnmower and many men lacked any level of cooking skills and God forbid his young daughter would want her hair braided 😊 – then again, in school the boys took “shop” while the girls learned “home economics”, so not surprising.

Fast-track 25 or so years when my son was looking to start high school, it was amazing to witness the expansive curriculum options in comparison to my day (the choice between German or Spanish was a big deal). Add to that, the diverse and abundant faculty that made each subject its own unique experience.

So, was it the subject you chose that motivated you to learn, or was it the mentor, educator, influencer, volunteer or guide? Which mentors impacted what you love today?

Aha! ~ “We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how.” ~ anonymous

At some point, an individual’s passion for their craft may have inspired you to learn a subject that previously bored you. And at another point an individual may have pushed buttons you didn’t know existed and, in hindsight, helped you break an uncomfortable mold. Yet another may have ignited a spark in you that had you invest a lifetime of connecting with other sparks to fuel-burning your brightest light.

All experiences are learning experiences and all people, of all ages, are teachers. Society, culture, and family can imply, or even impose expectations but when you allow yourself to be guided and inspired, you, too, become both the student and the teacher.

Both my parents were incredible role models, much by their words, even more by their actions. Who inspires you to be you?

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