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Can You See Yourself As An Action Figure?

Aha! Moment Monday

A recent LinkedIn survey reported that we see 30,000 ads online every day (compared to seeing 500 ads 30 years ago).  It’s no wonder that only 14% of people can even remember the last ad they saw and just eight percent have any idea what product or company was featured in the ad.

Keeping your brand – whether it’s you as a person or a corporation – top of mind has never been more difficult.  The competition for attention is huge.

How do we share our brand message to build our community without inundating our audience?

Aha! ~ Do more with less

Linked In’s advice?  Take a tip from Disney and create blockbusters.

In today’s age of water-downed, over-abundant content and the perception that we need to stay in front of people with anything at any time, we wrongly believe that we always need to be blasting something fresh.  According to LinkedIn it’s difficult to maintain touch point consistency “…if you are churning out 100 lightweight, real-time articles every day.”

While a level of touch point frequency is important in order to maintain visibility, it needs to be focused.  That’s how you become memorable.

Disney only puts out a handful of movies a year under only a few franchises, and if you watch their content you’ll notice frequent sequels, remakes and additions to something you already love….like Star Wars.  Then they expand on their message with SENSORY MEDIA™ like action figures and bed sheets. It’s a more focused approach of building familiarity (and profits) as opposed to trying to create something newsworthy every single day.  Besides it takes multiple impressions over a period of time for people to get what you offer.  Consistency wins in the long run.

Don’t you feel like a load just lifted off your shoulders?


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