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Care to Win

A few Christmases ago, I decided to host the family celebration with a buffet of appetizers as opposed to a sit-down meal.  That way no one would be “late”, and it would encourage us to mingle more during the evening (plus I think eating standing up burns more calories, right??).
It worked magnificently well.  Guests also contributed to the eclectic, delicious buffet, and all enjoyed bouquets of conversation over breaking bread all evening.
I deliberately left a game on the breakfast bar, knowing that everyone would pass by it at least once.

Curiosity eventually got a few family members who began to shuffle and engage in the game.
It’s a word game where the letters of the words are written in a circle on round cards. The object of each turn is to be the first person to guess the word.  Because there is no visible beginning or end of each word, an advantage can only be where you’re viewing the card, which changes with each new card.
While the words were the “thought” spark, the fun came from people willing to challenge themselves out loud.  The game made everyone focus and generated loads of laughter as each, in their turn, stumbled through the letters trying to make sense of the appearing word.
You see, the real win was that they played the game as a collaborative team, rather than opponents.  While someone may have ultimately guessed a word first, they piggy-backed on one another’s efforts and won together.
Aha! ~ Win with people who care
Growing requires a number of things: one of which is allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and the second of which is surrounding yourself with people who genuinely care about your growth.

And a hidden Aha!:  growing yourself accelerates when you help others grow themselves.
You see, on this earth, we’re all playing the same game.  It appears different because we all approach and contribute to the game with our own uniqueness.  It feels like we’re on our own path but, in fact, we’re all collaborating toward this big lift.
John Maxwell said, “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude”.  So, get excited about what you’re here to do, and take good care of yourself, knowing that we all win when you win.
We’re right behind you.

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