A Human Approach

CHALLENGE #4: I sell cars. How can I get people talking about me?

SOLUTION: Talk about them. Car dealerships and sales people are notorious for talking about themselves.  Everything is about their brand, their models, their service programs, their safety records and yes, they are all vitally important in the conversation about purchasing.  But when the customer leaves the dealership are they talking about their sales person or …

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CHALLENGE #3: We need to supply a caffeine alternative for our drivers

SOLUTION: Install citrus essential oil diffusers in their vehicles. While a multitude of essential oils are available and this USB diffuser can be plugged into any USB port, start by helping your drivers stay alert and focused by sprinkling a couple of drops of citrus oil on their diffuser before their ride.

CHALLENGE #2: Standing at our trade show booth for hours is exhausting

SOLUTION:  There are many quality ways to alleviate stress during those long ways but one sure-fire way is to have a fun and interactive bag-toss game going.   The many wins include your attendees testing their skill while you educate them on your offer, not to mention you will be moving throughout your booth to …

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CHALLENGE #1: Our youth group needs an effective fall fundraiser

SOLUTION: Yard waste bags. People pay to advertise their local hardware or grocery store brand yard waste bags, they’ll generously pay to show their support for your youth program.  Yard waste bags are extremely useful for homeowners during spring and fall clean-up.  A sack of three bags is an easy sell to any homeowner and …

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