A Human Approach

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CHALLENGE #18: We need to create some fresh social media ideas.

SOLUTION: Imprint, “What are you thinking???” napkins and a few Sharpies.

How many great ideas were first drawn out on a napkin??  That’s the basis for this solution anticipating that the fresh ideas can easily come from the inside.

Create pods in your work place whereby team members are encouraged to take social media breaks with a coffee or soda.  Offer up some snacks on specific days and extend the break time for those willing to do a little chatting as they’re scrolling.  Sprinkle imprinted napkins and a handful of groovy coloured Sharpies and encourage the collaborators to make a note or two of what pops up!  The napkins can be imprinted with something generic like, “What are you thinking?” or more specific depending on how you want to narrow the focus or the effort.  Creativity is all around us but sometimes it just needs a little nudge.

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