A Human Approach

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CHALLENGE 21: We need to do a convention bag but everyone has so many bags! What else could we do?

SOLUTION:  Do a bag that people want to keep!  Why a bag, you ask?  Because statistics reveal that the average bag (in Canada) yields over 4700 impressions.  Further, 82% of people keep bags because of their usefulness.

Here’s the clincher.

You need to answer our crafted questions about your attendees, your core message and how you want people to engage at your event so we can build YOUR bag as your clients’ go-to bag going forward.  https://online.bicgraphic.com/umcontent/cyclepromos/content/Bags_Booklet_CAN.pdf

For further details on the above or assistance with your next project please feel free to email gabriella@jaeassociates.com