A Human Approach

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CHALLENGE 22: We’d like to find ways to engage our team and get them excited about where they work.

SOLUTION:  Give them something to talk about … on line.

Create a new onboarding kit and give one to each staff member.  Include three things: a wearable, a portable and a personal item.  Depending on your budget, the wearable could be a hat, vest, T-shirt, scarf, jacket, or even mittens.  The portable could be a travel mug, lunch bag, key chain or something useful between home and office.  The personal is something non-work related – perhaps a kitchen utensil, personal first-aid kit, or throw blanket.  Include a card that celebrates their passion and mission with that of the company and include a #hashtag.  The right products can inspire fantastic testimonials and feelings of pride and belonging as members share their gifts on social networks.


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