A Human Approach

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CHALLENGE 30: Our holiday gifts don’t reflect our values. Enough of this last-minute dash to the store to purchase something generic. We are determined to deliver meaningful gifts this year, something of quality (budget-conscious, of course) that screams WE CARE and make us heroes with our clients, providers, associates and supporters.


Food + a relevant keeper.

While food products are only #4 of the top five favourite promotional products to receive, food – like chocolate (yes, chocolate is its own food group) – hits ALL of the senses.  What other media does that?  But we’re not talking about generic baskets, we’re talking branded wrappers, iced cookies or molded chocolate where you take advantage of the billboard to deliver your sentiment.

Chocolate is often opened and consumed immediately (if not sooner.)   The good news: you made a big impact!  The bad news: it may be short-lived.

That’s where the relevant keeper comes in.  Understand your audience and what makes them tick then pair the chocolate with a travel mug, tech tool, kitchen towel, travel wallet, mittens or scarf that mirrors your values and fits the lifestyle of your recipient.

Holiday gift-giving isn’t stressful when you have the JAE Claus team on your side.


Let the JAE Clause team help you with your gift gifting, email gabriella@jaeassociates.com