A Human Approach

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CHALLENGE 33: We want to thank our customers for their business and loyalty but they don’t accept gifts!


Make them a partner in your giving.

Just because your client has a personal no-gift policy doesn’t mean you can’t gift someone else!

Let’s say you want to donate to the local food bank.  You invest in quantities of the specific foods on their list, rally a team of ambassadors from your organization to present the donation, take a picture of everyone holding a big sign that says, “WE’RE HERE BECAUSE OF YOU” or “YOU MADE THIS POSSIBLE” … then … have the picture reproduced on a note card.  Imprint a webcam cover – the one shaped like a shopping basket – with your message, pop that into the envelope with the note card and mail it to your customers.


Who is your chosen charity or what cause do you wish to support on behalf of your clients?  Send that over and we’ll suggest an inexpensive mailer that will align perfectly.  Let’s get started, shall we?

BTW, this is our last IDEA BOX for 2019.  We’ll pop in with more ideas after the PPAI show (the LARGEST promotional products show in North America) in January!