A Human Approach

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CHALLENGE 35: Our team members are suffering from Zoom fatigue yet online meetings are so efficient. How can we keep everyone alert and engaged?


Zoom fatigue is real for many reasons that have to do with how our brain works. One element that makes our brain work hard is that we only get to see a small portion of one another on a tile and typically camera-facing. Showing more of yourselves – like having everyone stand during a meeting and move about a bit more – as well as making your meetings as efficient as possible with agendas and shortened timeframes, helps everyone learn better.

So does physical activity.

Encourage your members to take an activity break or two during their work time to get their blood circulating: walk, run, stretch, shoot some hoops – whatever works for them – and supply them with some reflective gear, a workout towel, speaker or hydration bottle. Imprint with a motivational saying quote or simply a word like, “ENERGIZE” then make sharing their favourite activity the first order of business on one of your calls.

Tuesday at noon LIVE we do a tune-up on Trailblazers. It’s time to take A Human Approach.

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